For All Your Roofing Requirements

Flat Roofing – Traditional Felts

Pour And Roll

This is a traditional method of using melted bitumen to stick three layers of felt to a flat roof. Over recent years this has become less popular due to longer set up time and the need for bulky specialized equipment. This is still a very reliable and effective flat roof covering when applied by a skilled tradesman.

Torch On Felt

This taken a lot of market share from pour and roll as set up time is minimal and equipment is a lot less bulky. As the name suggests the layers are melted together with the use of a large gas torch. Again this is a very reliable and effective method when applied by a skilled tradesman.

Cold Applied Self Seal Felt:

Launched over recent years the self seal felt system takes away the need for bitumen or gas torch. You literally peel and stick this felt but it is only suitable for use in the summer months. This is useful in areas where no flames can be used.