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Pitched Roofing – Slate

Natural Slates:

As with plain tiles, slates have been a popular roof covering for many generations. In the early days, they were mainly Welsh being mined from a huge number of quarries across Wales and during that period almost equalled exports of coal. Nowadays in Wales there are only Greaves producing grey slates and Penryn producing Heather Blue (Purple in colour).

With demand still good, alternatives were needed and Spain with its massive production ability suited the purpose. Coming mostly from North West Spain (Galicia) there are a huge number of quarries producing all sorts of slates. It is worth mentioning that natural slates come in many sizes, thicknesses and grades so when choosing please spend time on what you want to achieve for your budget.

China over the last decade has been exporting increasing numbers of slates as has Brazil. Canada produces from one quarry giving us the Glendyn (1st Grade) and the Glacier (2nd Grade). These are outstanding slates and even the second grades are better than some first grade imports.

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Fibre Cement Slates:

Fibre cement slates come in two main sizes 600x300mm and 500x250mm. With four surface finishes, being smooth surface with square edge. Smooth surface with dressed edge, square edge with riven surface and a dressed edge with riven surface.
Most artificial slates sold are 600x300mm as they are cheaper per m2 than natural slates.

Composite Slates:

For slate roofs on lower pitches interlocking artificial slates is the alternative. Cambrian, Melbourne and Britlock being good examples going down to 15dg. They are produced to look like a 600x300mm slate and once weathered look very authentic. Sandtoft also do a Britslate which is still a resin/slate composite but is double lap like natural slates in 600x300mm and 500x250mm.