For All Your Roofing Requirements

Pitched roofing – Lightweight choices

Felt Shingles

Popular in Canada for general housing, felt shingles in the UK are more associated with log cabins and workshops. They come in packs of 3 m2 with a variety of colours available and in square butt or hexagon finish. All the ridge, valley and hip details are cut from the shingle strips making it a very straightforward product to use.

Cedar Shingles

John Brash cedar shingles are imported from Canada and come in 2.28m2 packs laid on a 22 + dg roof or 1.73m2 pack if laid on a roof between 14 – 21 dg and with cedar cappings for hips and ridge giving 4.5m cover. Being a renewable resource they represent a very eco-friendly option in roof coverings.


Decra is one of the lightweight tile effect metal roofing products available. These come in strips and laid up the roof to form an interlocking roof covering that goes to very low pitches. A very popular choice in the construction of mobile homes as it has durability, is lightweight and low pitch functionality without losing the tile appearance.