For All Your Roofing Requirements

Industrial Sheeting

Fibre Cement

For many years asbestos cement sheets were laid in their millions on warehouses, garages, agricultural buildings and industrial units. In the nineties the use of asbestos was prohibited and was replaced by a fibre very similar in consistency but without the harmful effects of asbestos. The most common profiles in use nowadays are profile 6 and profile 3 but there are a few others that were made that are not mainstream products now. If you have sheets you are struggling to identify please contact us.


Most industrial and agricultural units have translucent sheets in with the main roofing sheets to allow natural light through. There are nearly 900 different profiles which can be identified using the link below. There are different weights per m2 and different fire ratings with sheets which can be produced to any length and with our supplier relations we can deliver to any part of the Country with ease. We can also supply GRP sheets in grey to replace fibre cement sheets that are difficult to source, so if you need further information about GRP sheets contact our Kenley depot.

Composite Sheeting

The term composite sheeting means it comprises of insulation and metal to form a pre-insulated roofing sheet. These are generally used in the industrial sector and on large projects. For all requirements on this product please contact our Kenley depot as there will need to be some key information to formulate an exact quotation.

Galvanised And Single Skin Metal Sheeting

Galvanised sheets mainly come in profile 3 although we can also supply profile 6. They are single skin(Just the thickness of the metal) and come in a variety of lengths. Other box profile sheets come in a plastisol finish which appears like a plastic film covering the sheet and polyester which has a matt finish the latter being slightly cheaper. Both finishes are available in different lengths, colours and profiles. For more information contact our Kenley depot.